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Get Up!

You are not going to get the things you want in life if you don't get up and move. Not everyone is going to tell you the truth and what you need to do to get what you want out of life. Sometimes, you just need to know your place in this world. What are you prepared to offer? And most of all who are you? When you get the message to move and make changes in your life this is not the time to ask questions or figure out who’s with you or not. If you haven't noticed, you will meet many people in this world who claim they can offer you this and that if you trust and follow them. If you like for others to lead you or be on your team, you are headed into trouble. Focus on your goals and not what others can do for you. You can't grab hold to people who the universe or God has not given to you nor should you want others to focus on your vision when they have been given their own and know what they must do. Someone walking in their destiny will never allow you to hold them hostage in helping you fulfill your dreams, not going to happen. So, let go and be happy they even crossed your path.

Never look for people to hold your hand while you figure out your life, it's not going to happen and anyone who does this is more of a hindrance than a help. The people who are truly happy for you and your success are the ones who had no problem telling you the truth and what you needed to do to make change. The ones who are smiling in your face and the all team player, just may be a snake waiting to strike you because of their own jealousy and insecurities. Be careful when you are making things happen around you since it draws not only your supporters, but the haters.

Who Can I Trust?

Right now, yourself and I truly mean that. When you are seeking success don't be surprised if your enemies want a position on your team and has a change of heart, attitude and behavior because they see you are on your way. Be willing to cut off those people who don't support what you do or don’t encourage you to take the bull by the horns. A negative person just doesn’t become positive about your success over night, you are kidding yourself if you think they are happy for you. I like to think, you know this already and will move carefully around your enemies and those individuals who once saw you as worthless or a nobody.

Understand what your position is when you do take center stage because once you are there if you don't have the right folks around you who are sent to be on your team, you will be embarrassed. My advice is to learn everything you can about yourself when it comes to people and business. Whatever you do, don't take it personal when someone pulls away due to their own business because you could be stepping in the way of your own success if you are interrupting someone else's destiny. God will send people to help you and whisper to you what to do along the way, but those folks may never be on your team and not because they don't want to, they can't. They are guided by their own dreams, goals and destiny and were never meant to follow, only lead. When you are a leader you recognize other leaders, you will never try to get him or her to follow your lead. Respect the process and your journey through whatever, you are going through and know that it's your journey alone.

It isn't anyone's else responsibility to help you achieve anything in life. Getting up and moving means you are ready to do it alone if you have to and don't need people to make you a success since those same folks can crash and burn down all of your hard work in the end.

A Moment of Being Thankful.

Where you are today in life is because you heard the message to get up or for some folks came from the back of the line. Now what do you do? You build new relationships and end old ones that caused you more harm than good. Life isn't always fair and people who see your worth will always encourage you to aim for the stars. Be thankful, you are in this moment and take nothing for granted not even the messenger. Your moment is just starting and it will be up to you to make it a ride of a lifetime.

If you are not sure how to move to the next level in life and need someone to talk with set up a session with me today. Go to and send for quick advice or schedule a consultation with me today.

Remember if you are too chicken to move, you will end up in the slaughter!

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