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BLACK MAMBA: How to recognize poisonous people

You live your whole life never understanding why some people are dangerous, until you cross their path. By then it’s too late. When they strike, you never see it coming. And they continue to strike until they break you down or force you to run and hide.

Poisonous people are this way and they are everywhere. Unfortunately, having them in your inner circle can prove fatal if you aren’t careful, or if you don’t know who they are. They have attractive personalities, but people may see them as somewhat controlling or manipulative early in the relationship. They can tear you down in a short amount of time for what seems like no reason, or if they feel a loss of control. To exist around them becomes a battle.

Poisonous people make you want to please them even when you are not a people-pleaser. You’ve watched them tear down others with their words and behavior. You were happy to watch from the sideline, until they targeted you. Why does everything they say hurt? Shaking off their poison is not easy, and you find it hard to escape their grip once they have you.

Some poisonous people even go out of their way to make your life a living hell and to make others to hate you. How to deal with a poisonous person is not only necessary for your sanity and peace of mind, but your physical health as well. Don’t let people destroy you when they can’t control you; it would be a mistake that you can’t afford to live with. My goal is to help you deal with poisonous people, who are angry at life, so that you aren’t destroyed by them.


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