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BREAKTHROUGH: Realize Your Infinite Potential by Understanding the Universal Consciousness Connectio


Our hearts and minds are greatly influenced by our experiences. Negative experiences can damage our psyche and leave us trapped in a cycle of pain, depression, self-loathing, and confusion. The ability to overcome those experiences depends on your level of spirituality more than anything else.

You should continuously feed your spiritual self, or soul, with ideas and information that’ll help it grow and learn. Your success, happiness, and fulfillment depends on it. As with anything else in life, your soul is constantly changing. But in which direction? Nothing is stagnant. It’s either growing or degenerating. Is your soul progressing? Or is it deteriorating because of lack of knowledge?

If you’re not continuously growing by seeking knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, your soul will continue to operate in darkness and ignorance. You’ll continue to repeat the same mistakes and go through the same negative situations until you decide to look at your shortcomings in an honest light, repent from ways of thinking and behaving that’re detrimental to yourself and others, and gain the necessary knowledge that’ll enable you to become the supreme version of yourself. In becoming the supreme version of yourself, you’ll be able to serve others in ways that’ll add light to their lives. You’ll be filled with joy, love, and gratitude that’ll radiate to all those you encounter. We’re designed to do remarkable things and become great.

Knowing your purpose depends on how much you understand your part in the Universal Consciousness Connection (UCC) and the realization that you’re an eternal soul having a human experience. How long does it take for you to get over a painful event? Are you left wounded and crippled for days, weeks, or even years? Have you developed a vengeful attitude? Tumultuous times is the fire your soul has chosen to go through so it can fulfill its diamond potential. Human experiences in the realm of duality is your soul’s classroom.

How can you appreciate love if you’ve never experienced fear? How can you know unconditional love if you’ve never experienced hate? How can you understand light if you’ve never experienced darkness? How can you know how strong you are if you’ve only ever experienced perfection? Strength only comes from being tested. Look at each tragedy as a learning experience for soul cultivation. Always ask what is being done for me, rather than what is being done to me. Instead of defaulting to the negative as most people do, keep a positive outlook on everything in life.

You have a purpose. That’s a fact even if you don’t know what it is right now. You may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You may not understand why you’re going through so many tough situations. Those situations are your teachers, and they’re designed to make you take a concentrated look at your positive and negative characteristics. They’re designed to make you analyze how you can edify the world.

I was once asked, “How many universal teachers are there?” I answered, “Universal teachers are everywhere and in everything. They’re in each grain of sand, each leaf, and each blade of grass. All of your questions can be answered by observing nature.” Many people think they can only learn lessons from negative situations or challenging times. This isn’t true. Negative situations aren’t the only way you can be taught. There are ample opportunities to learn through positivity, but if you chose to highlight the negative in everything, you’ll miss out on many chances for growth. All experiences help mold you into someone that'll add to the greater universal good.

If you’ve ever experienced something that put you in a dark place where you couldn’t see any hope, then you’ve been one-on-one with a life teacher. When life doesn’t feel like it’s worth living, you must understand that the UCC is always active in your life. Not everything we go through impacts us on the level of heartbreak or illness, but those type of situations are the easiest teachers to learn from. Situations that’re life-altering and that bring destruction, challenge your mind and soul to the greatest extent. In the cycle of life, we’re meant to learn and to eventually teach. But even when we become teachers, we should still be open to learning. There’s never a time when you’ll know it all and be above learning. If you ever feel like you can no longer learn, death isn’t too far away. You’re either growing and learning or regressing and degenerating. There is no standing still.

For many people, their teachers never change because their lessons aren’t ever learned. Therefore, they never become teachers. Those individuals go through the same things for years and never become better people. When a person doesn’t learn their lessons, they can’t move on to the next teacher. Lessons can make you strong, or they can break you into a million pieces. Whether you become stronger or broken is dependent on the perspective you take during each situation.

If you want to realize your infinite potential, you must first understand how your life teachers operate in your life through the UCC. You can never unlock the power within if you don’t know and understand universal laws. Everyone is able to know and understand these laws. They don’t require a degree or certificate for access. The awareness of those laws will help you rewire your thinking, re-member who you are, allow the expansion of your soul, and enable fulfillment of your purpose.

Do you know who and what your life teachers are? Do you understand why you continue to experience the same negative occurrences? You need to answer these questions to be able to move to the next level. Your knowledge of universal laws is the only way you can understand why you’re currently at a certain stage in life and how to move beyond that stage. You can easily move to the next level by learning how to elevate your state of awareness through your universal teachers who’re constantly trying to prepare you for success.

Of the negative situations you continue to experience, why do you think you keep failing to overcome them? What is your current state-of-mind that causes you to continuously fail those life lessons? Of the life lessons you’ve passed, what was the mindset that allowed you to overcome those struggles? How can you carry that mindset over to the negative situations you’re currently experiencing? If you can honestly answer those questions, you’ve taken the first step to growth by learning from your life teachers. You’re on your way to becoming a better, stronger, wiser person.

When it comes to growth and learning, age doesn’t matter. You can be at an early learning stage in your fifties or eighties, and you can be wise beyond your years in the twenty-something age bracket. Just because someone is old, doesn’t mean they’re wise. And just because someone is young doesn’t mean they’re ignorant. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn from anyone because we’re all connected and we can all uplift each other.

Life isn’t meant to break you or be a constant struggle. But you’ll remain downtrodden and left in chaos if you don’t understand the UCC and that all the knowledge you need is within. Many that’re broken and that’ve experienced the worst life has ever offer seek a greater force outside of themselves when that force they seek has been within all along. When terrible things happen in your life, it’s because you’re going against the natural flow of the Universe. You’re experiencing the Law of Chaos. When you go with the natural ebb of the Universe, you’ll begin to experience the Law of Order, and your life will be much more harmonious.

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