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A Troubled Heart

It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll experience a troubled heart at some point in your life. Do you refuse to trust others or let them get close to you because your heart is heavy? Pretend your life was free of struggle. How could you help or minster to others that have a troubled heart if you didn’t understand how it feels? How would you know what it feels like to let go if you’d never had any painful experiences? And how could you expect someone to share their troubles with you if you keep yours to yourself?

When you don’t deal with a painful heart, you become emotionally unstable. Sure, you seem strong to those around you, but have you directly dealt with your life issues? There’s nothing worse than having a scar across your heart while trying to tap dance through life. It’s alright to admit that you’re hurting and life is beating you up. You’re human like everyone else, and pretending that all is well causes more hurt for you in the long run.

I get it, everyone in your family or community looks to you for answers, but you need to take care of yourself so that you’re able to continue to help those in need. Your heart will never let you forget that it’s hurting, nor should you want it to. The more you try to hide your troubled heart from those who can help, the longer you’ll suffer in silence.

Don’t expect everyone to have a desire to help you. Many people love seeing you suffer though things even if it has nothing to do with them. Lord, give me the strength to move past my troubled heart has become your anthem and prayer lately. Just like you go out of your way to help others, realize that God has someone ready to aid you during all the tough times you go through. Do people try to pile their issues on you when they clearly see that you’re struggling with your own? The church is full of troubled hearts. You can’t escape them, and they spill out onto the streets, schools, and communities. So why’re so many people dismissive when someone has a troubled heart? You may be struggling with family, relationship, or job issues, but you aren’t alone. Focus on the problematic emotions going on inside of you so you can finally heal your troubled heart.

People think church folks don’t feel like giving up sometimes, but they do more than you know. Having a true outlet where your voice and heart can be free is crucial to getting through life issues. My momma used to say that the harder someone smiles, the more the devil is beating up on them, and they’re only smiling to keep from crying. I believe we’re all dealing with something in life, and those issues should be dealt with the right way. Just because you’re close to God doesn’t mean you don’t struggle with the pressures of this wicked world like everyone else.

Reach out to someone who will really listen to you and understand the rough circumstances that you’re experiencing. Don’t shy away from help. My daddy used to say, “If you hit your toe hard enough, you’re going to say ouch.” Why’re so many people keeping their troubles to themselves, especially in the church? Someone needs to say, ouch. We can’t help each other if we refuse to make others aware of what’s happening with us. I feel that I can help someone in trouble when they speak up, and that’s because I speak up about the troubles of my own heart and I’m always able to receive assistance due to that.

This isn’t an individual problem, it’s a world crisis, and people are crying out for help and answers to the issues that cripple them daily. It’s not healthy or beneficial to dismiss someone’s problems and tell someone to get over it when they’re trying to express their pain. To get past your troubled heart, you must acknowledge that it exists. Your heart knows why you’re hurting even if you do your best to distance yourself from others so they won’t find out what’s plaguing you. Just come clean with yourself and the people you love about what you’re experiencing and feeling.

I get it. You don’t always feel that you can trust the people around you. But you can trust God. Talk to him, or speak to someone you trust. The lord will always give you the answers you’re looking for when it comes to a heavy heart. If you’ve been dealing with abuse or neglect, you no longer need to hold onto that burden. Getting to a place where you have peace of mind is the key. The keys are in your hands because God gave them to you a long time ago when you opened your heart to him. Learn how to dump the detrimental people and things that steal your joy. In the end, you will set you heart free.

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