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In The Mind of A Genius: Composer Primous Fountain

At one time, Primous effortlessly composed music at lighting speed. Songs poured from his soul in a period of months to two years. Something rarely seen. As he matured, his mind expanded, and so did his knowledge and understanding of everything around him. He was beginning a new project as these changes were taking place and was asked to create something larger than what he’d ever created. He harvested the ever-expanding gifts within, which transformed him in ways that only a genius could experience.

Primous understood what he had to do when his mentor, Quincy Jones, asked more of him with his Second Symphony. This request challenged him in ways that no other composition had done before. He began a new growth process while taking on more responsibility. There were periods where he waited on the music to come to him, and he was forced to educe a certain level of patience that hadn’t been revealed until then. This skill wasn’t developed overnight, but with time and consistency, Primous learned reach a rare level of creativity. The shift in his approach to composition changed the world, and he began to consistently take more time than the average composer to create music.

Fountain became more enlightened as time went on, and he knew what he wanted his music to represent to all listeners. His increase of self-awareness and compositional knowledge blended in everything he created. There is a connection to his music that people feel, and it taps into their emotions, desires, and dreams. It’s this blend of life and art and his love for creating unique sounds that catapulted Primous Fountain to the highest levels of music composition. The changes in Primous’s perspective as he matured contributed to the way he has transformed music and has catapulted him to become the paragon of composition.

Quincy Jones commissioned his Second Symphony, giving the world extraordinary music created by the greatest composer ever. Primous’s transformation was complete, and at an orchestra rehearsal of his Sixth Symphony in Moldova, Maestro Mustea turned, looked Primous directly in the eyes from the podium, and said in broken English, “Grand, Grand Symphony!”

Over the many years of composing remarkable works, Primous worked with many well-known people who added to the richness of his experiences, which can be felt through his music. After finishing high school, he would learn exponentially more about music and the world. Primous is far from stopping and has plans to display his extraordinary music to the world through the Primous Fountain World Tour.

With the first traveling symphony orchestra, including 80 musicians and one composer, Primous takes on the world. This world tour is the first of its kind! Have you ever heard of a symphony orchestra traveling with one composer and 80 musicians? No, you haven’t because it’s never been done—until now, thanks to Primous Fountain.

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