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Mildred: Secrets and Lies Book Excerpt

Featured Excerpt : Mildred: Secrets and Lies

Book will be available on April 1, 2018

Sample Chapter:


Here comes that damn light in my eyes again. It just won’t let me sleep. God knows I’m tired. I feel like I only slept for a few hours or so, but who’s keepin’ track of time these days. And since you’re awake with me, this seems like the best time to finish what I was tellin’ you about how Mr. Leonard and I became sweethearts. After this story, I’ll get a little more rest, if you don’t mind.

Now I’m gonna need for you to keep this information to yourself, or don’t share it until I’m long gone from this place. God knows what the Samson family would do if they knew I was tellin’ you my business.

Bakersfield will always be a special place to me, and if I think real hard, I can picture myself there. You see, the only folks who went to Bakersfield were naughty girls—those lookin’ to do wrong under the midnight sky. I wasn’t one for beatin’ around the bush, and I liked me a number of fancy men who were taken.

I was fast approachin’ seventeen and still didn’t have a steady boyfriend on my arm. Many of the boys back then thought I was a fast tail, but I’d beg to differ on that. I was probably a natural whore but just didn’t have the experiences to go along with my thoughts.

I’d sit under the black and blue sky, hummin’ my soul away while prayin’ for God to send me a man of my own. You know, one who wasn’t afraid to tell me how he feels while wrappin’ me in his arms as I hum us to sleep. But let’s get real, since bloomin’ and gettin’ a different body, many boys only looked instead of sayin’ hi. Those damn fools wouldn’t have known what to do with a real woman like me if I’d ran up and pulled their dick.

Most of what I’d learned about doin’ a boy came from the older ladies talkin’ in secret to each other. You know, sharin’ stories of how they fucked this one and that one. And somethin’ about them stood out—they were confident, and everyone knew it, includin’ that Ms. Eileen.

I knew my day would come in Bakersfield. Boy, I just had to be patient, that’s all. In time, a man would touch me. The worst thing about bloomin’ late was havin’ to wait longer to do it with a boy or man. What was the sense of havin’ all of that body if I couldn’t use it to get what I wanted.

I managed to slip away one night, callin’ myself goin’ to Bakersfield to see what all the damn fuss was about, and there I saw it for the first time—a penis. Oh, it wasn’t with me. I’d managed to hear sounds comin’ from the weeds and crawled on my belly to see what was goin’ on. I saw the penis first and then Carol on her back just a moanin’ and groanin’. I was thinkin’ it must’ve been hurtin’ or feelin’ good, one or the other.

Release date April 1, 2018 on in paperback and eBook

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