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Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction has become an epidemic. Most people know someone who’s taking prescription drugs. No matter what the illness is, doctors have no problem prescribing their patients with harsh and addicting opioids that poison the body and make illnesses worse. I know how you feel if you’re dealing with a prescription drug addiction or if you know someone who’s suffering with it. There are people who can help.

It’s no doubt that if a person is suffering from pain, giving them an abundance of painkillers only adds to the problem. How do you know if you’re a prescription drug addict? Who will help you control your pain? These are valid questions that you or your loved ones may ask as a way to get through the daily experienced pain.

Prescription drug addiction has become an epidemic for those who experience pain and injuries. For many, there seems to be no way out. They can’t function without a muscle relaxer or pain pill. It sickens me to see that so many lives are being torn apart because the medical industry treats patients as a statistic rather than an individual. How many times have you seen the people you love, decide to stop living life because they can’t function without the aid of prescription drugs? It’s a shame what’s happening across America. Families are being torn apart, marriages broken-up, and children left to raise themselves in homes where prescription drugs lay around like candy.

No one wants to believe that they have an addiction, and their excuse for continuing to take drugs is to keep themselves pain free. News flash, when you analyze these drugs, you’ll see that they cause more harm than good. People are losing their lives from overdoses daily. They’re too weak to fight the drugs that’re attacking their body. Who wants to live in a world of constant pain? Is living in pain the reason prescription drugs are on the rise? I can’t tell you not to take something to help you feel less pain, but I pray that you don’t become dependent on whatever you’re taking.

Pain medication and muscle relaxers don’t cure the issues. They only slap a band-aid on your health problem. That’s why a few hours later, the pain comes back kicking and screaming, then you down more pills. This cycle is how addictions get started, and doctors know this very well, but they wouldn’t make money off a cure, so they only treat the symptoms to keep you coming back for more. When you become immune to one drug and it stops working, you’re placed on a never-ending cycle of trying more harsh and addicting drugs. These drugs aren’t safe, and once you begin to take them, you’ll continuously need them more.

Most people I know take something for pain. After a few unfortunate accidents in 2014, my life spiraled from one muscle relaxer and pain aid to the next. I even tried a pain patch to relieve my spinal pain. I got to where I couldn’t think. Writing became difficult since such drugs also induce sleep. Like many people, I would’ve acted irrationally if I hadn’t been allowed to take drugs for my pain. I had become a legal addict. I was on Flexuril, Percocet, and Dilaudid.

I, like many in this situation, forgot how to live without prescription drugs. I knew this wasn’t a healthy way to live, and I had to fight to turn my life around. I’m glad that I was delivered from those poisonous drugs, or I wouldn’t have a life today.

But there are still millions that’re dependent on these harsh drugs and afraid to face the cause of the pain they experience daily. Something has to be done to stop this insanity. How can anyone function properly and take care of a family when they’re under the influence of drugs like Morphine? What seems to be a simple fix for the many issues that people are plagued with, actually amplifies their issues. Now, every day of their lives is a fight to live and avoid overdose because they’ve become legal drug addicts.

You never know who is suffering in silence because they’re afraid of what others might say if they reach out for help. I don’t know your level of pain, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers as to how to get your life in order, but what I know is that changing your way of thinking is the answer. By realizing that the answers to being healthy are within, you’ll stop being dependent on outside measures to heal you. Once you understand that health is your birthright and your natural state of being, you’ll be able to focus your thoughts completely on health, and sickness and pain will be eradicated.

You don’t have to suffer through addiction alone. There are resources that can help you get off of pain prescriptions the right way. If you’re a private person, reach out to a friend, a trusted family member, or your church, temple, or mosque for help.

To end addiction in homes around the world, people must refuse what pharmaceutical companies are offering to mask pain. Healing can only take place by dealing with the cause of an issue, which is always mental.

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